Piano intro

Well, I rocked over Italy and I rocked over Spain
I rocked in Memphis it was all the same
Till I rocked through Africa and rolled off the ship
And seeing them natives doing an odd looking skip
I parted the weeds and the doves and the swamp
And I'm seeing them cats doing the Ubangi Stomp

Ubangi Stomp with the rock and roll
Beats anything that you've ever been told
The Ubangi Stomp, Ubangi Style
When it hits it drives a cool cat wild

Piano solo

Well, I looked up the chief he invited me in 
He said "A big Jam Session is about to begin"
When he had me taught 'till I picked up that beat
That crazy thing sends shivers to my feet
I rocked and I rolled and I skipped with a smile 
I'm gonna Ubangi Stomp, 'till I roll over dead

Piano solo

Well we rocked all night and part of the day
Had a good rocking time with the chief's daughter May
I was making the town and getting to know
When the Captain said "Son we got to go"
I said "That's all right, you go right ahead
I'm Gonna Ubangi Stomp 'till I roll over dead"